Chef Valentine’s Favorite Recipes

Chef has been posting recipes on the blog for many years.

Below, find  the links to Chef’s favorite recipes.


Favorite Chocolate Pudding

Larry’s Veg Soup

Chef Valentine’s Apricot Bars

Carrot Ginger Soup

Nutella Parfait

Robin’s DIY Quiche

Round Garlic Cheese Bread

Tolbert Cobbler

Reuben Pinwheels

Irish Cream Chocolate Trifle

Crock Pot~Bacon Corn Chowder

P’s and Q’s Snack MIx

Limoncello Gateau {cake}

French Trifle

Chicken Tacos Perfection

THE White Cake

Key Lime Pie {healthy}

Chocolate Love Loaf

Egg Sandwiches

 Blueberry Pancake Casserole

Grilled Pork Wraps~ Weight Watcher Recipe

 Funeral Potatoes

Paprika Pot Roast

Cheese Puffs

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Favorite Egg breakfast

Basic Crepe Recipe

Philly Cookie bars

Pretzel Pizza

Country Ham In Crock Pot

Chocolate Charm Cake

Hot Nut Mix

Italian Cheese Dip

Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Bars

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