Country Ham In Crock Pot~Chef Valentine

This entry should be called,

Chef Valentine misses the boat.

I Have seen this recipe here and there,

but did not think one thing about it until My Larry and I

got into a ham mood.

Yes, this recipe is for a spiral cut ham….

in the crock pot.

And yes, the flavor is simply amazing


the cooking effortless.

We had it for dinner Tuesday, left overs last night

and had cut off the solid end for soup.

I honestly have never seen Larry eat so much ham before.

A lot of spiral hams are on sale after the holidays….

you might want to try it on a snowy day.

Spiral Ham In The Crock Pot

1-spiral ham

brown sugar

1-can of pineapple chunks,  not drained

1/2 cup raisins

My ham came with a seasoning packet. I used that too.

Cover the bottom of the crock pot with brown sugar.

About 3 cups.

Place ham in crock pot, flat side down


cutting off short end so the top closes.

Sprinkle raisins over the ham.

Pour can of pineapple and juice over ham,

then the packet of seasoning that came with it.

Cook on low for 6 hours.

I did not make gravy out of the drippings, but next time I will.

The flavor of this easy crock pot ham is absolutely amazing.

on Sunday, Larry wanted ham sliders and wine…

last night,

we had it with hash brown casserole and green beans.

I don’t ┬áthink that I can wait till Easter to make this again.


Till next time,


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