I Do Not Use Bags

I have so much to share here on the blog….but my time is running out. This holiday season feels stressful for me. I have all of the gifts to wrap, tonight am taking Larry out to dinner for his birthday. Tomorrow I must finish two Christmas knitted gifts and in the evening we have a theater performance, Friday has three activities. Saturday I must cook for the Cookie Caper at church on Sunday. AND we all know what next week is! I just want to cry.

One good thing is, Larry and I mailed out all of our out of town gifts on Monday! They are wrapped and ready to put under trees far away.

Photo: Larry at our post office

I love Christmas and I am determined to make this one a happy wonderful celebration. I hope that you are handling the stress well and find time to celebrate your holiday on your terms.

Tonight Larry will celebrate his belated birthday. His birthday is always one of my favorite celebrations because he is my favorite person in the world. Last week, he was in Austin on his birthday but I have him all to myself tonight. His combined birthday/ Christmas gift will arrive this week and we exchange our gifts on Christmas evening at dessert. (wait till you see!)

Do you think that I will get all these gifts wrapped? (I do not use bags)

Have a happy Wednesday….I am off to yoga.

Love you beyond the moon.


Sunday Dinner And A Movie

Happy Monday!

Yesterday, Larry opted for Sunday dinner and a movie, back in the big bed. The reason was, for his birthday, he received a new (and quite nice!) bed tray! I already had one, and he had wanted one, so, for his birthday Lauren, Josh and Matilda gave him one. Thus, dinner on his new tray.

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

I made one of his favorite dinners. Bratwurst with sauerkraut, on the most wonderful rolls. I also made potato salad. We drank Champagne with dinner.

Our movie was…..Larry’s favorite Holiday movie…..

Today is laundry day, (who is in the mood for THAT? Not me!) exercise, finish knitting a holiday gift, and mail off Christmas gifts to loved ones far away. It will be interesting to see how much of that list I get done! What are YOU doing?

I am off to do Laundry…. Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Birthday Celebrations Continue

Yesterday Larry was home from his meetings and the birthday celebration commenced.

Tiff’s treats arrived early, much to Larry’s delight. He was in my work room visiting, when they arrived with his cookies. He was surprised……and now had a perfect Birthday breakfast! (it was a gift from Lauren, Josh and Matilda)

Photo: Larry and Tiff’s Treats for his birthday

Tiff’s Treats are one of the favorites here at The Cottage….if you have not tried them, please do….

Larry’s birthday is always so much fun. FACT: he is a Birthday Scrooge, but we all “go with it” and he puts up with us all and the birthday antics that happen around him.

Gosh, one entire year till I get to celebrate with Larry again…I have a whole year to plan fun things. Right?

Love you beyond the moon.


A Souvenir Bag

Yesterday was dark and damp and today is exactly the same. Larry was in Austin for meetings yesterday, but he is home now and that brightens up my day very much. Yesterday was his birthday, but we are celebrating today. I say the word celebrate, but I honestly do not know what he wants to do. (he is in the office working right now)

Photo: The dark dining room is Christmas central this year

The house was quiet when Larry was out of town…I found it difficult to relax so I worked on Christmas gifts. I am knitting a few things for my “girls” as I do every Christmas. I keep the projects in a sweet bag. A souvenir bag from our recent trip to Paris.

Photo: The Paris bag

One afternoon while in Paris, I was resting in the apartment. It was a windy, damp day, and I was happy to cuddle on the sofa and read. Larry went out….I think that he was going to the wine and formage shops….and when he came home, he had this bag and a Paris key chain for me! How awesome is that? We have been going to France for many years and I STILL love souvenirs!

In this sweet bag are knitting needles loaded with stitches while making a holiday gift. (I am working on Lauren’s gift)

If someone were to make you a Christmas gift, what would it be? And why?

Have a Happy Happy Friday!

Love you beyond the moon.


Happy Birthday Larry

Happy Birthday to my favorite person. May your day be filled with birthday wishes come true and special moments that will live in your heart forever.

Photo: My Larry

Being out of town on your birthday sucks. BUT I promise that when you get home, we will celebrate.

I love you BEYOND the moon. (so much!) Me

Afternoon Tea/One Moment While On Holiday

A couple of weeks ago, while on Holiday, Larry took me to afternoon tea. We always take the opportunity to enjoy tea when we are out of town. It is another way to discover a new part of town, meet people and enjoy afternoon tea in the city that you are visiting. (Larry has come to enjoy it too, knowing that Champagne is included upon request.) Haha.

We had afternoon tea at the Four Seasons George V while in Paris. It was heavenly. I will post a few pictures below, no comments because none are needed.

Photo : George V Hotel

It was a wonderful afternoon with Larry. Christmas decorations were up and the food was perfect. The Four Seasons, George V serve a lovely afternoon tea. I cannot wait to go back.

Love you beyond the moon.


Sunday Dinner And A Movie

It was good to be home for Sunday dinner last week. We decided to have meatloaf, baked potatoes and green bean casserole for dinner. With a Medoc wine and cherry pie for dessert. American comfort food.

Photo: Comfort food makes a very ugly photo

I do love French food…but having comfort food here at The Cottage, says: welcome back home.

Photo: The wine

Our movie was Christmas In Connecticut….and as always a complete joy to watch.

It was a good Sunday dinner, as we had missed planning them for a few weeks.

I have been struggling the past few days. Jet lag is difficult this year and Christmas is nipping at my heels. Being away with Larry, alone during our holiday was so wonderful…I almost don’t like being back home.( of course Larry is back to work and happy as a clam)

It is December 6th today. I must say good bye to this post and get busy on a project I need to finish before Christmas. How are you doing on your Christmas gifts? Remember to breathe.

Love you beyond the moon.


Prayers and Candles

We always go to France with a prayer list in my purse. Since the Cathedral Of Notre Dame is closed due to the fire, we now go up on the hill to Sacré-Cœur for prayers and candles

Photo: Sacré-Cœur

Friends and family share prayer needs with us and it means the world to me that they ask. (OK, sometimes I ask them if they mind that I put them on the prayer list. No one ever says no.) Sacré-Cœur is a beautiful church high on a hill in Paris. At night it glows and is a light of love and care for the people of Paris.

This year, it was raining when we went to Sacré-Cœur. People had gone into the church to get out of the rain and it was crowded and noisy even though a service was going on.

It is a beautiful church, and it always takes my breath away when I go inside. I sit very still and take it all in hoping that my memory of this beautiful moment will last for a very long time.

Photo: Inside Sacré-Cœur

We worship and after, we say special prayers and light candles. It is always emotional for me and this year was no different.

Photo: Prayers and Candles

We have remembered many people during prayers over the years. Some of these wonderful people are still on our prayer list. It is a blessing indeed to be able to pray in such a special church. Even though we are home now, the prayer list continues…..

Please have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


My Onion Soup

My favorite photo from France…..also includes one of my favorite things to eat while there…….

Photo: Onion soup at a café in Montmartre

It was a cold rainy, day in Montmartre. We went to Sacre Coeur say prayers that were on our prayer list and we found ourselves in a bad rainstorm. It didn’t take long after that that we made our way to a cafe that we like near Place de Tertre (where ARTist paint and sell their paintings) and there were spots at tables outside! Larry and I drank beer (1664) and enjoyed hot steamy soup while we tried to warm up.

I had walked far in the down pour and felt a mess, but Larry insisted on taking my photo.

Photo: Robin and her onion soup

The sun came out while we were enjoying lunch, I promise….it was a lovely Sunday in Paris.

It is a lovely day in Texas today, too.

Love you beyond the moon.


The Little Canvas

Many, many years ago, I did a few sketches for Hallmark cards. I cannot remember the situation but I do remember the sketches. I loved the idea of ART for greeting cards and it has been part of my heart ever since.

As Larry and prepare to go to France each year, I design and create about 50 cards to mail from Paris. They are meant to be a simple greeting for this festive time of year, acknowledging the different faiths among our wonderful friends.

Many of our friends are starting to receive the cards we mailed a few weeks ago and relief has set in. With so many European Postal Carriers striking, we were not sure if the cards would even be delivered to the US.

Photo: Holiday cards being mailed from France

Since the cards are being delivered now, I can share the cards, committing them to posterity on blog.

I hand painted 50 little canvases. 50-3X4″ canvases to be exact. It was wonderful painting these little abstract cuties to put on the cards this year.

Photo: The little canvas

The exercise of painting the canvases was beneficial for me. Artistic wise and commitment wise. I would like to do the same process again one day. It was awesome. (Perhaps next year?)

So, dear one, when you receive your card from us, know that it was sent with love and the best wishes for a lovely holiday.

Happy, Happy Saturday.

Love you beyond the mon.