A Souvenir Bag

Yesterday was dark and damp and today is exactly the same. Larry was in Austin for meetings yesterday, but he is home now and that brightens up my day very much. Yesterday was his birthday, but we are celebrating today. I say the word celebrate, but I honestly do not know what he wants to do. (he is in the office working right now)

Photo: The dark dining room is Christmas central this year

The house was quiet when Larry was out of town…I found it difficult to relax so I worked on Christmas gifts. I am knitting a few things for my “girls” as I do every Christmas. I keep the projects in a sweet bag. A souvenir bag from our recent trip to Paris.

Photo: The Paris bag

One afternoon while in Paris, I was resting in the apartment. It was a windy, damp day, and I was happy to cuddle on the sofa and read. Larry went out….I think that he was going to the wine and formage shops….and when he came home, he had this bag and a Paris key chain for me! How awesome is that? We have been going to France for many years and I STILL love souvenirs!

In this sweet bag are knitting needles loaded with stitches while making a holiday gift. (I am working on Lauren’s gift)

If someone were to make you a Christmas gift, what would it be? And why?

Have a Happy Happy Friday!

Love you beyond the moon.


One thought on “A Souvenir Bag

  1. Judy says:

    A book of coupons to come and clean my house LOL.

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