Birthday Celebrations Continue

Yesterday Larry was home from his meetings and the birthday celebration commenced.

Tiff’s treats arrived early, much to Larry’s delight. He was in my work room visiting, when they arrived with his cookies. He was surprised……and now had a perfect Birthday breakfast! (it was a gift from Lauren, Josh and Matilda)

Photo: Larry and Tiff’s Treats for his birthday

Tiff’s Treats are one of the favorites here at The Cottage….if you have not tried them, please do….

Larry’s birthday is always so much fun. FACT: he is a Birthday Scrooge, but we all “go with it” and he puts up with us all and the birthday antics that happen around him.

Gosh, one entire year till I get to celebrate with Larry again…I have a whole year to plan fun things. Right?

Love you beyond the moon.


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