Afternoon Tea/One Moment While On Holiday

A couple of weeks ago, while on Holiday, Larry took me to afternoon tea. We always take the opportunity to enjoy tea when we are out of town. It is another way to discover a new part of town, meet people and enjoy afternoon tea in the city that you are visiting. (Larry has come to enjoy it too, knowing that Champagne is included upon request.) Haha.

We had afternoon tea at the Four Seasons George V while in Paris. It was heavenly. I will post a few pictures below, no comments because none are needed.

Photo : George V Hotel

It was a wonderful afternoon with Larry. Christmas decorations were up and the food was perfect. The Four Seasons, George V serve a lovely afternoon tea. I cannot wait to go back.

Love you beyond the moon.


To See Larry Happy

Photo: Paris 2018 Space Invader Sighting by robintolbert

Last night, Larry and I went out to dinner and came home and cuddled into bed. We spent our time daydreaming about a trip.

Last years {2019} trip to France was postponed. Larry re-booked everything before my surgery…and now we are daydreaming about new adventures. The funny thing is, we get to go on our annual trip twice this year! I must admit, Larry is happy. He hates what we have been going through but, he loves a diversion.

I love to see Larry happy. It makes me feel wonderful.

Love you beyond the Eiffel Tower.


The Hole In The Roof

The hole in the roof is being fixed. It has been almost 4 weeks since the tree limb came through the roof into the house. The roofers are making noise and it is driving me crazy.

My granddaughter Matilda is home from school today with a cold. She face-timed with me for 45 min and taught me how to make “slime”……

Photo: Face-timing with Matilda.

Do you know about slime? Matilda makes it without a recipe or directions. I am in awe of her.

While visiting with Matilda this morning, she told me about a “short” movie that she watched last evening. She is recommending it to the readers of Robi’s Blog. The movie is called PURL. Just google Purl movie and Pixar will let you watch it for free. It is 8 min and 48 seconds. I just watched it and need to say, no spoilers here!

Photo: The roofers truck is backed up to the house.

There is so much banging around on the roof, I cannot think. BUT, the roof will be fixed and no more tarp! I keep thinking, It will be fixed. It will be fixed. It will be fixed.

I have had some emails from blog readers about our trip to France and why we postponed this year. People are so kind. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts and love coming our way. Thank you also, for asking about us and yes. We are fine. We will be fine.

Photo: Titled: Eiffel Towers on a dusty shelf. I guess I need to dust the house.

Larry and I always have our “Paris” November. It is going to be so different this year. Different but wonderful just the same. Oui? I have not had Thanksgiving with my daughters in years, because we are staying home, we will have the holiday together. This will be a good year.

Thank you everyone. All is well.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Picking My Seat

Photo: Palais Garnier ~ Paris 2018

Yesterday, I found myself sentimental and reflective. The day was very long and I had lots of time to “daydream.”

Then… a message popped up on my phone. A friend from Paris, liked one of my photos on Instagram and sent a messsage saying “hello”. Her Mother owns an Italian Bistro in Paris. All of the family works there, it is kind of awesome. {we have been eating there for over 20 years. I believe that Jami discovered the bistro one rainy evening when we wanted pizza for dinner. But…more about fun family times later}

Bruno, my friends older brother, works at the Bistro and at the Opera Garnier. Last year, he invited us to a mystery morning at the Palais Garnier! The mystery was centered around the The Phantom of the Opera. It was crazy and so much fun. All participants had the “run” of the building. We loved it…but one thing I loved most…

Photo: Chagall paintings at The Opera Garnier~ Paris 2018

was Marc Chagall’s ART on the ceiling of the Opera. I took these photos and they do not do the ART justice. It makes me happy to remember standing in that room. The ARTists who have performed, the paintings, the people who have attended performances over the years. I am still in awe. It is a happy memory for me.

Photo: Inside the Opera Garnier~Paris 2018

I wonder what opera/ballet/concert is being performed in November? I think that I have picked out my seat.

Love you beyond the moon.


Inside The Window

Photo: Paris Window

On days when I struggle to post on blog, I go to old photos for inspiration. This image was taken about 10 years ago in Paris. It is one of my favorite photos.

It was cold, as November can be in France and this window was near rue St Antoine. I walked past it a few times before I decided to intrude into the sweet, intimate window setting and take the shot.

Isn’t is wonderful to imagine life inside of the apartment? I think that there is an easel in the corner with an intriguing painting started. The large over-stuffed chair has three books by it and the tea kettle is starting to boil on the stove. One of my abstract quilts is neatly on the bed…and my Larry is waiting patiently by the front door to take me to dinner. {after I turn the stove off}

Larry and I have spent much time in Paris. Each year for many years, we have found ourselves in France, with the discovery of joy and inspiration at every turn. Perhaps one day I will write more, about the special moments. The times filled with ART, love, friendship and visits from family who might be in Rome studying {and you know who you are and we love you}…many years filled with many memories.

Today, let me just share this beautiful photo. What do you imagine life is like inside the window?

Love you.


It Is Wonderful

Photo: Libby and Paris Caf’e

I have been missing Libby very much this week. Perhaps it is because I have been struggling with a migraine. Whatever the reason….it always puts me in a thankful mood to have had Libby in my life and to just be me. How blessed have I been?

Blessings come in so many ways. Good and bad. Being thankful for them all, helps me stay centered.

I am also thankful to have the ability to journal like this daily. A BLOG. Who would have thought of this 50 years ago? It is wonderful.

Love you.


P.S. From Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday was quiet. I hope that your day was ok too. During the day, I remembered a photo or two that had special meaning……that I had forgotten to post yesterday…… you go……

Photo:by Robin: One November, some years ago,, Jamison showed up in Paris. She was on leave from the Air Force.
On the last day of her being in France,, while leaving church, it started to snow. Jamison. and Larry.

Photo by Robin: I took this on a Friday afternoon.. We had crossed the river to listen to jazz musicians.
. I looked back at the Cathedral and the view took my breath away.. It is one of my favorite photos.

The weather here is frightful. Storms are expected this afternoon, with possibility of threatening situations. If you are in the danger zone, be safe….

Love you.


The Cathedral Of Notre Dame~Remembered

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. The Cathedral Of Notre Dame caught fire and burned extensively.. I got phone calls from old, dear friends, text messages, emails from wonderful people who wanted me to know what was happening. They also shared their hearts and thoughts about the fire.

I loved that part most of all. Kind, sweet thoughts about a place far away. Some of the messages were from people who had never been to the Cathedral. Each and every connection was simply perfect.

Larry and I have the privilege to pray at the Cathedral Of Notre Dame each year. Twenty three years now…..we have many names on our prayer list and we light candles for loved ones and others who need prayer. I cry during the prayers and while lighting the candles of hope. The moments are emotional and filled with faith. Yesterday, I cried, but for a different reason.

Larry and I went through old photos last night. I took photos of the photos, straight from the album.

Photo:: 2018 Going to Cooking class….we passed this way.
Photo: The post cards of the Cathedral change over the years. Larry loves them all.
Photo: 2001 Paris. When we saw this shot, we laughed, asking where it had been taken….
it was at Notre Dame Cathedral. The photo was on film and had double exposure.. We were sitting for prayers.
The chairs behind us are for congregation.
Photo:Lauren and Jami with the Cathedral behind them 2001-2002
Photo: This where we have prayed almost each year for many years.
This is where we light the candles too.
Photo: Me, 2018. Our prayer list was long….the candles were filled with hope.
Photo: Another vintage post card
Photo:: This is he Cross that remains now, after the fire, This is how the alter looked before the fire.

Larry and I have dozens of other photos of the church. These were the most meaningful for me. I loved seeing old moments captured.

I will be starting the prayer list early this year. Please feel free to email me your name or the name of someone whom you are concerned for…..

Today is a brand new day. Please enjoy each moment, as you never know tomorrow might hold.

Love you.


It Feels Special

I was told once that you can tell a woman’s favorite clothes designer by how she wears her everyday clothes. True?

One of my favorite designers was as tall as I am, loved cats, had a pony tail {like My Larry} and was a prolific clothes designer. He lived on rue de Universite, Paris {where our good friend Felix lives!} and started designing clothes in the late 1950’s. He often lied about his age, loved Paris and had an unusual artist wit.

M. Karl Lagerfeld Died this week at the American Hospital in Paris. He was “thought” to be 85 years old.

Photo: M. Lagerfeld and friends. One of my favorite shots.

Photo: One of my favorite dresses.

I have a wonderful Lagerfeld dress. Larry saw it and insisted I try it on. Then he insisted on buying it for me. I treasure everything about this dress. Larry picking it out for me. Trying it on, having it fitted….and then wearing it. It FEELS special. Do you know how some people make you feel wonderful? Special? That is how this dress makes me feel.

I like the “old” designers best of all. Classic lines and deep colors. Perfection.

Rest well Karl. {and thank you}

Love you.


So Much More

Yesterday was utterly miserable without Larry, while he was out of town on business. I missed hearing him in his office and when he would take a break to go to the kitchen and get junk food for energy. The house was creepy, quiet all day.

Larry and I have been married 41 years. Can you imagine being with someone that long? I cannot imagine my life without him all this time. How lucky have I been?

Photo: Larry & Robin breakfast at the apartment, Paris 2018

He takes me on adventures, supports me one hundred percent, loves me unconditionally inspires my ART…..and so much, much more.

Who can ask more than that?

Hurry home my love.

Love you.