Robin In Real Life

Yesterday…. Matilda took us to see The Lion King for her birthday. Then we had lunch at The Blue Goose and she opened her gifts from Larry and myself. It was such a great morning. {Do I really have to wait one entire year to do it again?}

Larry and I had chores to do. To be completely honest, I do not like Sunday chores. I love church service, family and Sunday dinners. WOW that really makes me sound old. {I am laughing}

For Sunday dinner Larry made one of his famous boards. it was wonderful. I made him a new appetizer for the “board”….it was very good.

Photo: The Board

We watched the movie, Dan In Real Life. Then I had my weekly reflexology appointment and I slept very well last night. (which is unusual}

If you would like me to post the recipe for the pinwheels….please leave a comment below. It seems like not many people care if Chef posts recipes or not. {I have had special cook-books made for my daughters and I do not think they read my blog right now let alone look at the recipes} If there are enough people requesting recipe posts, I will add recipes on a more regular basis.

Photo: matilda at the archery range

Larry, the above picture is for you. Perhaps you will feel inspired to pick out your new bow now? {for fathers day, I gave Larry a bow, that he must pick out. So far no decision has been made.} Larry Happy Fathers Day! Please pick out your bow?

I wish you a perfect Monday. May your heart sing with the memories of loved ones.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Five Words Needed

What happened? I am still behind! My time management skills have let me down this week,

Please forgive the short post today and over the next week. Camp Robi starts tomorrow….

PHOTO: Camp Rules are dusted off and ready!
Photo: Matilda’s Room is in ship shape condition
Photo: Each year Matilda memorizes a poem to recite. Larry has the poetry board ready!
Photo: Camp Robi 2019 t-shirt

2019 Camp Robi is almost here…..I would like to thank everyone for being so kind and interested…and I know that I owe a dozen thank you notes, my house is dusty, I must schedule the week out a bit better, but there is one thing that YOU could help me with.

I need five WORD OF THE DAY words……I would love any suggestions. They must be 8 year old ready and PG rated and placed in the comment section of this post! { I will not be checking Face Book} Thank you so much….

Love you beyond the movie PARENT TRAP! { the one with Haley Mills. It has the PERFECT camp in the movie}


Time To Turn Out The Light and Cuddle

Photo: my favorite lamp at the Kaua’i cottage

I am awake in the middle of the night. Jet lag is such a problem. I will explain later. BUT I have been trying to fix my email problem. Larry I will print up your reports soon I promise. To the ladies at the Presbyterian Woman’s Circle, forgive my inability to communicate right now….I will text you all.

I am sitting in bed typing, It is 1 AM. The movie on TV is Tully. I have woken Larry now, and he is touching my back.

Yesterday we started celebrating my birthday. I LOVE birthdays. It is a special time and I must thank Larry for being the best person I know. How amazing is it that I get to spend my life with him?

Thank you for listening. Time to turn out the light and cuddle.

Love you.


Missing Mitzu

Three years ago today, Lauren’s pug dog passed. She was the sweetest girl ever and I miss her so very much.

Photo: Mitzu smiling

Mitzu was always filled with energy and sweetness. She was younger than Libby Pug and her sudden death came as a surprise. I had always thought that when Libby would leave us in her old age, Mitzu would be here to comfort us.

Mitzu died almost one year before Libby and having them both gone is difficult for me.

Both Jami and Lauren have wonderful dogs now and I love visiting with them….but I do not think I want another dog now.

Mitzu was smart and she did a little dance when I would be putting her dog food bowl down. I called her Tiny Dancer.

Today, in honor of Mitzu, I will whisper prayers and send love out into the void. Rest well Tiny Dancer. I love you.

Love you beyond the moon.


Six Days To Go!

There are 6 days till the Team Believe Raffle drawing!

Did you know that….  A woman has about a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. 

If you would like to enter the raffle {Please!!} go to this link:

If you would like to go directly to my Komen page Go to this link;

Please know how much I appreciate the love, prayers and support for early detection. Each day this week, I will be posting a fact about breast cancer. The TEAM BELIEVE Raffle is this Saturday, May 11. The Komen walk is on May 18th, You still have time to get in on the fun!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

Have a wonderful Monday! XOX

Love you.


The New Puppy?

Meditation Experience-Day Four. To receive grace, you must be grateful and humble. Today I was asked what I could do to be more grateful. What could I do to be thankful. This is hard for me. I feel overwhelming thankfulness each day and it never seems enough. What am I doing wrong? Life keeps coming at me faster than my aging body can filter it and to be honest. I am a little tired.


Photo: The new puppy

Last week, I wrote about it being time to give Libby’s pug bed away. So many of you commented, sent texts and mails sharing your thoughts. I loved each and every one of you for taking a moment to tell me what you were thinking.

Yesterday Lauren, my daughter had a hair appointment at a salon near The Cottage. She stopped by on the way to her appointment. The big orange Jeep arrived and she came in the front door holding a pug statue, sleeping in a bed. She handed it to me and said: now you can give Libby’s bed away.

I don’t know if this settles it, but how sweet was that? Besides….I LOVE the face of the sleeping pug.

I am eternally thankful for so many things in my life. Of course for the huge things, but also for the tiny, fleeting, seconds of joy that seem to hit us so fast that we almost do not notice them. Like when I am finished writing today’s post and I hit the “publish” button up in the corner…. ahhhh. I love that moment of completion.

So, as I prepare to hit the publish button, I sigh. Have a wonderful day.

Love you.


Mon Nouveau Chapeau

Photo: All good things bring gratitude

Meditation Experience~Day two. All Good Things Bring Gratitude. People and things that I am grateful for, reinforce the feelings of love and joy in my heart. It is good to focus on that and not the negative. The good outweighs the negative in our lives and why do we sometimes focus on the bad? I will focus on the good.


I bought a hat this week. It is the best hat I have ever owned. It is pack-able, reinforced with SPF and is comfortable, I found MY perfect hat!

I have had between 4-6 surgeries on my forehead and scalp for skin cancer. I have had many hats and hated them all and then, I do not wear them. Most hats feel like bee=keepers hats to me.

Photo: This is NOT my new hat!

I wore my new hat last night to Matilda’s softball game. {her team won ten to zero} We sat on the bleachers in the sun and my head was protected. The best thing of all, I did not feel stupid wearing it!

Photo: My new hat

Please remember to wear your hats in the sun. Having scalp surgery-excuse my French- sucks.

I found some fun facts about skin!

  • The average person’s skin covers an area of 2 square meters.
  • Skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight.
  • The average adult has approximately 21 square feet of skin, which weighs 9 lbs and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels.
  • The average person has about 300 million skin cells. A single square inch of skin has about 19 million cells and up to 300 sweat glands.
  • Your skin is its thickest on your feet (1.4mm) and thinnest on your eyelids (0.2mm).
  • The skin renews itself every 28 days.
  • Your skin constantly sheds dead cells, about 30,000 to 40,000 cells every minute! That’s nearly 9 lbs. per year!
  • Some sources estimate that more than half of the dust in your home is actually dead skin.
  • Dead skin comprises about a billion tons of dust in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Your skin is home to more than 1,000 species of bacteria.
  • Skin that is severely damaged may try to heal itself by forming scar tissue, which is different from normal skin tissue because it lacks hair and sweat glands.
  • Skin can form additional thickness and toughness — a callus — if exposed to repeated friction or pressure.

Do you have a perfect hat? Do you wear it in the sun? Please take care of your skin…

Love you.


We All Know Someone

Photo: Gift from my dear friend Rosemary

OK. Lets be honest.When you are having a stinky day, go out to get the mail and find a package, just for YOU. It can really make you smile. This happened to me on Tuesday. Rosemary {a dear friend} sent a gift. A PARIS gift! I have hung it in the work room and it does make me smile. Often. Rosemary, thank you. A real note is in the mail to you, but I wanted to share your thoughtfulness here. I hope that you do not mind. We all know someone who is having a few blue days. It happens to all of us and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Being sad or upset is just part of life.

I have noticed that my blue days are so much different since breast cancer treatment. The good thing is that I am cancer free. Being blue is not so bad. I can handle this.

Keeping busy is another good thing…..I started knitting a poncho, embroidering a dish towel and Chef Valentine is trying a new recipe today.

What do you do to keep busy when you are blue?

If you need someone to talk to, I am always here…and my email is [email protected]

Love you beyond all of the projects.


Matilda, Sunday Dinner And Movie

On Saturday, we picked Matilda up at her house and brought her to The Cottage for a sleep over. It was a wonderful day with her.

Photo: Matilda at Krispy Kream
Photo: Matilda at the archery range
Photo: Matilda building a volcano
Photo: Matilda gave me a flower
Photo: Matilda at lunch

After a morning filled with breakfast, archery, and making a volcano, she put her bathing suit on and swam for an hour at the Rec Center in-door pool. She went down the indoor slide 36 times! {that means she went up the steps 36 times too.} We came home and dressed for dinner. Matilda requested P F Chang…….it was such a good day.

On Sunday Matilda and Larry played Ping Pong, tried to set off the volcano and the we had dinner and movie before we took her home….

Photo: Matilda drinks sprite in her special glass.
Photo: Sunday dinner and movie. Hot dogs, sprite and our movie was the new: Little Women.

I cannot tell you how wonderful having Matilda here was for me. For some reason, I have been struggling a lot. The flu did not help matters at all and I could not exercise last week. Matilda is so positive and happy. I adore my time with her. {did I tell you that we played Monopoly Cheaters in The Big Bed on Saturday night? We laughed so hard!!!}

I hope that you had a good weekend. I heard from so many of you and appreciate your kind words about my bad week last week. Thank you for sharing my moments….

Love you.