My Onion Soup

My favorite photo from France…..also includes one of my favorite things to eat while there…….

Photo: Onion soup at a café in Montmartre

It was a cold rainy, day in Montmartre. We went to Sacre Coeur say prayers that were on our prayer list and we found ourselves in a bad rainstorm. It didn’t take long after that that we made our way to a cafe that we like near Place de Tertre (where ARTist paint and sell their paintings) and there were spots at tables outside! Larry and I drank beer (1664) and enjoyed hot steamy soup while we tried to warm up.

I had walked far in the down pour and felt a mess, but Larry insisted on taking my photo.

Photo: Robin and her onion soup

The sun came out while we were enjoying lunch, I promise….it was a lovely Sunday in Paris.

It is a lovely day in Texas today, too.

Love you beyond the moon.


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