The Little Canvas

Many, many years ago, I did a few sketches for Hallmark cards. I cannot remember the situation but I do remember the sketches. I loved the idea of ART for greeting cards and it has been part of my heart ever since.

As Larry and prepare to go to France each year, I design and create about 50 cards to mail from Paris. They are meant to be a simple greeting for this festive time of year, acknowledging the different faiths among our wonderful friends.

Many of our friends are starting to receive the cards we mailed a few weeks ago and relief has set in. With so many European Postal Carriers striking, we were not sure if the cards would even be delivered to the US.

Photo: Holiday cards being mailed from France

Since the cards are being delivered now, I can share the cards, committing them to posterity on blog.

I hand painted 50 little canvases. 50-3X4″ canvases to be exact. It was wonderful painting these little abstract cuties to put on the cards this year.

Photo: The little canvas

The exercise of painting the canvases was beneficial for me. Artistic wise and commitment wise. I would like to do the same process again one day. It was awesome. (Perhaps next year?)

So, dear one, when you receive your card from us, know that it was sent with love and the best wishes for a lovely holiday.

Happy, Happy Saturday.

Love you beyond the mon.


Brunch~Anniversary Cards~Sense and Sensibility

Yesterday was wonderful.

Larry and I went to brunch

where we sat in the cool restaurant enjoying each other.

Talking, laughing, crying.

We sat in our favorite booth,


the piano player played a song that was played at our wedding.

After brunch, we went to the garden center.


bought a few new plants for the entry area of The Cottage.

Each year we give each other the same card for our anniversary.

When it gets filled up, we buy another

and slip it under the ribbon.

I took pictures.

The first entry is from August 2007.

ten years of entries!

Thanks for letting me know that my math was wrong Dima.


Laundry is swirling.

I have cut out fabric


will soon be sewing while doing laundry.

The playlist for today is

Soundtrack from Sense and Sensibility.

{It is awesome for a Monday morning}

Be happy today dear hearts.

I love you more than chocolate.