Labor Day, 2022

Larry and I packed up a brunch picnic and went to the Dallas Arboretum early yesterday. It was very busy and everyone whom we met was so kind. We sat in our favorite garden and enjoyed brunch.

Photo: Brunch at the Arboretum

We watched the squirrels and birds, mostly humming birds and cardinals dance through the garden. I was enchanted by so much activity. Larry and I visited about many things and as always enjoyed just being together.

Photo: Do you see the squirrel?

I do not think that I am ready for a new week. My to-do list is huge this week…and I am dragging my feet about getting things started. Is there medicine for this problem?

Photo: The Perfect Morning

Last week I finished The Good House (great book) and went back to a book that I started earlier this summer. I was about one quarter through…..

This book is amazing. You can almost hear Katherine Hepburn talking, telling the stories of her personal life and career. Because I am reading this book…Larry and I pulled up all Katherine Hepburn movies. There are so many….we decided to watch The Madwoman Of Chaillot. This 1969 gem is set in Paris and my only suggestion is to watch the entire movie. (you have to see the end!) It is a satirical based movie, with the most amazing cast. Because it was filmed in Paris, I loved seeing the 1969 look of the city….and so many well known actors in the roles of good and evil. (it is a little confusing at times, but please stick with it)

It is Tuesday, and feels like Monday. I better get busy…. Have a happy day!

Love you beyond the moon.


Oh, The Moments

Last evening, the Dallas Arboretum held a special event for members. It was a social distanced, trick or treat, dinner.

It was drizzly and 40 degrees outside and although the event was sold out, not many people were there. It was damp, cold and windy.

The gardens were EMPTY! It was wonderful. The Dallas Arboretum has one of the best Autumn displays in the country….and always so crowded that you cannot move. To be there alone, was a gift and so much fun. It was a perfect night to experience the pumpkins.

My glasses had fogged up and all above photos, taken on my big camera, were taken without my glasses on. (I don’t know why but I am proud of that)

Did you see a little zombie in a few of my photos? That is our favorite girl, Matilda. She had fun in the pumpkin village and she also trick or treated…..

…..and of course, I just enjoyed each and every moment.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


A Watercolor Evening

My Larry had been planning a picnic for last night. The plans had been in the “works” for a few weeks. He wanted to have a celebration of sorts. We did exactly that.

Yesterday all of my breast cancer tests came back clear. After being so anxious about it forever, I thought that I would be happier than I am. I am hugely relieved, of course. I am not happy though. It is probably because I am still so pissed off about last year, and I have not gotten over it.

Larry ordered food from one of our favorite restaurants and we headed to the Dallas Arboretum for dinner. The Arboretum was having music in the garden. In different gardens, there were different ARTists. We headed to the lake and settled in.

Our picnic dinner was from GAPCO PIZZA. (A Dallas tradition) We had a Caesar salad. veggie pizza, pizza poppers, garlic rolls and little chocolates. We drank Champagne and enjoyed a classical guitarist during dinner.

I kept thinking that Larry took a gamble, planning this amazing evening for us. What if my radiologist found something in my X rays again? Larry saw me frowning a few times and made me smile instead. Larry is kind of awesome like that. The night was lovely.

I had forgotten my good camera and only had my phone. Sorry about the photos.

Photo: Celebration at the Arboretum.

Photo: Sailboats were out on the lake last night. (like a watercolor painting)

It was a beautiful evening. People wore masks and social distanced. Twilight was my favorite because it made me feel like I was in a watercolor painting.

Larry’s celebration was perfection. I love him so much and I know that he is relieved today too.

Do you celebrate things too? How do you celebrate and do you include the people around you?

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


A Goal Is A Goal

In 2012, when I was recovering from breast cancer, I gave myself goals. I started taking yoga classes and wanted to learn chess. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yoga, but am very picky about my classes. I just cannot take yoga class with 20 year old jazz dance girls. Sorry, but I just cannot keep up. The Senior Center is just to s-l-o-w for me, so I practice here at home and to be honest, it is not that great. I use THE LITTLE BOOK OF YOGA and Restorative Yoga is my favorite. Bottom line is, I still practice yoga {sometimes} and I still play chess.{very badly} But a GOAL is a goal. Right?

Larry, being the creature of habit that he is, on surgery day, (fast forward to October, 2019) he asked me what I would like to do in 5 years when I am cancer free for the second time in my life and of course I shared my goals with him.

The 5 year, cancer free wish is private for now, but I will gladly share my goals with you.

I want to get in shape and continue with the quarter marathon at The Dallas Arboretum. {this current episode has taken a lot out of me but I have already started walking. Three miles on Saturday were do-able, but the fatigue has lasted a few days}

And I want to learn the science of…BREAD MAKING

Photo: My new Wilton loaf pans and bread book that I bought at Half Price Books

I have made bread, pizza dough, rolls, etc. over the years, but I have never studied the science of bread making. I have not started this goal yet. My upper body strength is a bit weak from surgery, but just wait! I will be slapping bread dough around in no time. I bought suggested loaf pans on Amazon and a used book that looked simply wonderful! {what it it about used books that make them so charming?}

Don’t tell Larry, but I am secretly coveting a Lodge cast iron loaf pan. I was thinking that maybe I should learn how to bake bread before I started buying fancy loaf pans.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any good bread making stories? I would LOVE to hear.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Just Be

Photo: my number and medal

It is a quiet morning. My thoughts are quiet also. The weekend was busy, eventful and profound.

Thanks to the ones who encouraged me, loved me and supported me. The list is short. The list is important.

Please remember. People will treat you the way that they feel about you. NO expectations and always follow your heart.

I have birthday cards written and ready for the mailman. {Birthday Boy Zach, get ready!!} Laundry is almost finished, I am making a Christmas gift and it is just 8:00 am.

I am not in training any longer. The marathon is done till next year and I am working on Christmas gifts. I am waiting patiently for the Autumn weather and find myself encouraged to create and just BE.

I wish you the same good fortune.

Love you.


Blessings Like Truffles

Photo: The Arboretum

Each year, on July 31st, {my anniversary becoming cancer free} Larry takes me to tea. It is not always at the same place, but we always have tea. It is written in stone. Yesterday, we had tea at the Dallas Arboretum.

Time stops for a bit and we reflect on the past {seven years} years of living with cancer woven into our tapestry.

Photo: having tea
Photo: The dessert
Photo: The Arboretum is a favorite place of mine Tea is the best.
Photo: The best consomme in the world.
Photo: amazing goodies

We had the best visit and shared many intimate thoughts. I do not know what my life would look like without My Larry in it.

Blessings, like chocolate truffles are meant to be savored and treasured.

May your blessings and truffles be many…

Love you beyond the moon.


Once A Year

Once a year, somewhere between returning from France and Christmas eve,

we have a family garden party at the Dallas Arboretum.

This past Saturday was a perfect day.

The temperatures were in the 70’s and the gardens were busy.

We had sandwiches…deviled eggs, fruit, cookies and Champagne.

Matilda had Sprite.

Lauren, Josh, Matilda, Jamison, Larry and I

enjoyed each moment visiting.

Then Matilda would say to Jami: Lets go on an adventure!

They would go to a far off garden in the Arboretum, and come back

ginning and bursting with secrets.

Jami gave Matilda horse back rides.

Lauren, Josh and Matilda posed by the lake.

Matilda is ma cherie. {my darling}

This is my Family.

I hold these moments in my heart.

Don’t buy me ¬†anything for Christmas.

Just give me time with these beloved people.

I know that this year has been difficult for many people.

We must remember that God’s plan might not be our plan.

With that being said,

Please remember that you are loved by so many people.


Love you.