A Goal Is A Goal

In 2012, when I was recovering from breast cancer, I gave myself goals. I started taking yoga classes and wanted to learn chess. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yoga, but am very picky about my classes. I just cannot take yoga class with 20 year old jazz dance girls. Sorry, but I just cannot keep up. The Senior Center is just to s-l-o-w for me, so I practice here at home and to be honest, it is not that great. I use THE LITTLE BOOK OF YOGA and Restorative Yoga is my favorite. Bottom line is, I still practice yoga {sometimes} and I still play chess.{very badly} But a GOAL is a goal. Right?

Larry, being the creature of habit that he is, on surgery day, (fast forward to October, 2019) he asked me what I would like to do in 5 years when I am cancer free for the second time in my life and of course I shared my goals with him.

The 5 year, cancer free wish is private for now, but I will gladly share my goals with you.

I want to get in shape and continue with the quarter marathon at The Dallas Arboretum. {this current episode has taken a lot out of me but I have already started walking. Three miles on Saturday were do-able, but the fatigue has lasted a few days}

And I want to learn the science of…BREAD MAKING

Photo: My new Wilton loaf pans and bread book that I bought at Half Price Books

I have made bread, pizza dough, rolls, etc. over the years, but I have never studied the science of bread making. I have not started this goal yet. My upper body strength is a bit weak from surgery, but just wait! I will be slapping bread dough around in no time. I bought suggested loaf pans on Amazon and a used book that looked simply wonderful! {what it it about used books that make them so charming?}

Don’t tell Larry, but I am secretly coveting a Lodge cast iron loaf pan. I was thinking that maybe I should learn how to bake bread before I started buying fancy loaf pans.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any good bread making stories? I would LOVE to hear.

Love you BEYOND the moon.