Dating Larry

My desk is cluttered with things to be “taken care of” …My mind is set on getting everything done. Today.

Yesterday, after finding this old photo I was reminiscing. At the time, I was managing a flower shop in Bartlett Tennessee, working part time for Polaroid Camera CO, living at home and dating Larry. I think I was ready to go out with Larry in this photo.

Photo: Robin 1974

Time is a funny thing isn’t it? In my mind, I still feel like this girl in the photo, but in reality many, many years have speed past. BUT, what wonderful memories.

I wish you many happy memories today.

Love you beyond the moon.


The BEST Weekend

Photo: Anniversary cake

Larry and I had the best weekend. It started on Friday night. We saw the play “Light Up The Sky” at Allen Community Theater and it was wonderful. The play is an old Moss Hart creation with charming characters and lively situations. Larry and I enjoyed it very much.

On Saturday, Larry and I picked up our anniversary cake from the bakery in Dallas. Then we went to the movies and saw the new Diane Keaton movie. The movie was silly and short. Perfect for our anniversary. We went home and I made a special dinner. You know what we had for dessert. (the cake tasted better than it looked if that is possible!)

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to afternoon tea at the Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas. It was lovely. My tea leaves said that it is going to be a wonderful year. Larry said that he sees a simile face in the tea leaves….

Photo: My tea leaves

What more could anyone ask for?

On the way home from Afternoon Tea, we stopped at Office Depot and bought a new folder. It is for the plans that we have for our 50th anniversary celebration in 2027. I have so many ideas, that I have to start planning now.

Larry made this past weekend, our 45th anniversary, special. Thank you Larry. I love you so much. It will be fun planning our 50th.

Photo: Larry behind my Champagne

I am tired today, but happy. I have been able to spend 45 years with my best friend and the love of my life. Life is pretty wonderful.

Love you beyond the moon.


On Low For Six Hours

It is Sunday and I am dressed for church. While I took my bath and dressed, Larry was busy in the kitchen.

Today, Larry made baked beans. {my mothers recipe} He measured ingredients, chopped veggies and fried bacon, then put everything in the Crock Pot. On low for 6 hours he told me. How wonderful is that?

I have been thinking about my Mother all week. I guess Larry was too.

Photo: Using my Mothers recipe, Larry made baked beans today.

I wish that you could smell the beans….it smells like goodness and love in The Cottage today.

Update: I am good. Fatigued, sick to my tummy at times and to be honest I look a little green. BUT all is well, and prognoses is good.

Larry and I took Matilda shopping yesterday. She is the best medicine ever.

When I was resting they played a game of chess at the Mall Play Room. Guess who won?

Photo: Matilda beat Larry at the giant chess

Have the best day that you can imagine… is wonderful.

Love you.


The Day Before

Photo: By Larry Tolbert

The day before surgery, {last Sunday, 7 days ago!} Larry called me to the back door. This amazing creature was sitting on the fence looking at us. Well, ok, he was looking at the little birds drinking at the bird bath AND us.

Larry took this image and look at the claws. We live close enough to a lake to see river otters, heron, gulls, geese ducks, fox and other wild life. Our neighborhood is older, has character and I love what the environment brings to us.

I am at The Cottage and recovering. {it was difficult} I am thankful for today. So many of you have contacted me, wishing me well. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I adore knowing that I am being thought of in the most wonderful way. My cup runneth over.

It is Cyber Monday, I think perhaps I will hop over to the Macy’s web site and see what they have for a certain someone’s birthday! {Larry’s day is next week!}

Have a happy day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Magic, Like Pistachio Ice Cream

Last evening, we drove into Dallas for dinner,

to a favorite bistro.

Link-Sallio Bistro!

Traffic was crazy, we talked about our day


how hungry we were.

Dinner was perfect, I had a salad….but my favorite was the

pistachio  ice cream.

 It was just like the pistachio ice cream that we get in Paris.

I was transported for a second.

To that Paris that I love so well.

Last year while in France,

I was to meet Larry for lunch  after shopping.

I saw him walking along the river before he saw me.

Then, when we saw each other.


Magic, like pistachio ice cream.

{I had pistachio ice cream that day after lunch}

What is the magic in your life?

What sweet memory holds a special place in your heart

and  helps you get through difficult moments?

I have Paris, pistachio ice cream


My Larry waving to me, as we meet in our favorite city.

Love you.


These Two

I LOVE this photo.

It was taken at Jami’s  birthday celebration this year.

I have always envied  father~daughter relationships.

The lucky girl  knows that the first man she has ever loved,


make sure that she is safe and protected for as long as he is alive.

My Larry is that kind of dad.

And this daughter, Jamison had one heck of a bad year….

but when I see this picture….

I know that everything is going to be ok.

Those smiles tell the story.

Love you beyond speed racing.