I Love Snoop Dog

Yesterday was a slow, lazy day. I have a little cold and allowed myself to read, nibble on goodies , watch TV and rest.

I did cook dinner for Larry. Home-made meat sauce. It is his favorite sauce and enjoyed it so much. The wine was a bottle that Jamison gave him awhile ago….Snoop Dog Wine. Unique, right? I LOVE Snoop Dog.

Photo: . Larry’s favorite meat sauce.

A spaghetti dinner was comfort food to me last night…… even if I made it myself.

It was a beautiful day. Leaves are falling onto the back patio now and I can see the shadows changing as the season changes.

Photo: On the back patio

Today is sunny and cool. There are about 12 things I need to get done around The Cottage, but I am still rather lazy. What do you do when you feel just OK and still have things to do?

Love you beyond the moon.