Happy Birthday To Jamison

Photo: Jamison

Today is Jamison’s birthday. This girl is a Godsend. He sent her to me when she was born and He plays an important role in her life daily.

Jami has always surprised us. From pregnancy to today, This past year has been difficult for her health-wise and in the coming year, we hope she will continue to heal and return back to life normal.

No matter what life hands Jami, she grabs hold and does what is expected of her. I cannot express how proud of her I am. She makes me feel loved and cared about.

Dearest Jimmers, Happy Birthday! You will never know how important you are to Larry and myself. Continue to follow your heart. We love you very, very much.

Love you beyond birthday cake!


Sunday With Jamison and Southwest Airlines

Photo: On Sunday We went to Southwest to see our daughter Jamison

On Sunday, Larry and I had a delightful adventure. We got in the car, Valentine gifts in hand and drove into Dallas. Love Field to be exact. The day was gloomy and rainy. We had special security clearance and found our way to a lobby where Jami waited for us. She hugged us like crazy. I was happy to be there too.

Photo: Jamison and Larry in front of a simulator {where pilots train} This
specific one is in honor of Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airlines and who recently passed.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere in the building. The hall ways are sunny and bright. Jami’s co-workers are amazing. They welcomed us like we were old friends. Just standing in the offices made me happy. How does a company manage that? Gathering people with such positive attitudes not to mention an environment of Positive reinforcement and joy.

Photo: BIG!!!

Larry had the best day….he smiled a lot. I personally think that it is because he got to…..

Photo: Larry in a simulator

We were in the simulator room. It is huge, quiet, spotless and almost overwhelming for me. The simple fact that the brilliant pilots who we trust every day, train in this magnificent space made me want to whisper. This is how a simulator looks from the outside…

Photo: Flight simulator from the outside

Jami was a wonderful tour guide….and then one of the flight instructors called to her. He allowed us to sit inside of a simulator.

Photo; Larry in flight simulator

I sat in the co-pilot seat but did not get a photo. I was in awe. The entire surface was covered with buttons and screens. Awe.

Photo: The simulator runway

During our time at Southwest, everyone we passed greeted us, smiling and making sure we were having a good time. {we were}

Photo: We saw Jamison’s name on the wall. {The bridge wall}

Photo: Larry and me

Our time went much to fast. It was a good visit and tour. We met the most amazing people and sat in a simulator, but to be honest…my favorite part was that huge hug from Jamison.

Love you.


THE White Cake~ Jamison’s Favorite~ Chef Valentine

When my youngest child was small

she was a picky eater


did not like chocolate.

This is what I would make for

her on special occasions


THE White Cake.

{ this was recipe was requested by Karen}

THE White Cake

Make your favorite white cake. {8″rounds}

If it is from scratch or a box, no matter.

I use Dickinsons’s lemon Curd between the two layers.

{lemon curd is sweet, similar to a pudding}

Then I ice the entire cake.

I make buttercream icing from scratch….

but you can use tub icing , whatever is your favorite.

Any white icing will do.

Yesterday was warm and very humid….

the icing was temperamental….

but it tasted great.

There are THREE days left in September.

It is a perfect  time to enjoy THE White Cake.

Enjoy this day….

Love you.