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What A Weekend

On Saturday, we watched Matilda play soccer


visited friends at the Gunter, Texas School carnival.


Then….Sunday was wonderful, happy and sad.

the sky looked like Autumn.


We went to the Dallas FT Worth Pug Rescue

Pug-O-Ween celebration.

{this is where we would bring LIbby each year in costume}

Lauren, Josh and Matilda  were there


so were Dima, Levi, Ayah and Salma.

We had fun watching all of the PUGS in costume.


Larry and I  came home, and enjoyed Sunday Dinner and Movie.

We had chicken tacos {recipe tomorrow} Salsa, and watched BEGUILED.

That CRAZY movie. I kept thinking that it was boring, then things heated up.


Then…. I had a reflexology appointment with Larry

and then off to bed.

I had started the weekend arguing with someone dear to me.

It weighed heavy on my heart the entire weekend.

Don’t you hate that?

Have a lovely day.

I love you beyond the beautiful autumn sky.




Larry Started Smiling

It is Tuesday alright, but geeze.

Will I ever learn?

 I made a commitment

for Larry and I at attend an event last evening,

in Fairview, Texas.

It was a Dallas FT Worth Pug Rescue event.

*I had read  an article about grieving. It said,

“Keep moving forward, It may hurt sometimes, 

but you will work your way past it.”

So we moved forward.

It was a great event, at nice pizza restaurant….

on the patio.

We got to the restaurant, Larry saw all of the pugs


the look on his face was pure sadness.

I wanted to cry looking at his face.


We ordered wine, salads, pizza and I promise

Larry started smiling soon enough.

Because a Great Pyrenees rescued him.

Who else but us, could go to a Pug Rescue event

and be rescued by a Great Pyrenees Dog?

You know,

life is pretty amazing.

Love you.