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Even Though I am Scottish

I LOVE St Patricks Day!

{Even though I am Scottish}

We had a perfect Patrick’s Day.

Photo: Card from Matilda

Our card from Matilda makes me smile each time I look at it

{I love  matilda so much,  my heart could burst}


on THE day, {St Pats day}

we had brunch in Wataga, Texas

then went to the Kimbell Museum to see the new exhibit.

Larry was happy and content.

Sunday, dinner and movie was a kind of bust.

Photo: Individual beef wellington and boiled potatoes

I cooked even though I was not hungry.

We had beef Wellington, potatoes and a salad.

Our  movie was GIRLS TRIP.

I was a bit down and thought it would cheer me up.


I love the actresses in the movie,

but  GEEZE.

What a mess that movie is.

We watched about 30 min of the movie.


I have been struggling.

My medicine has lots of side affects

and frustration is setting

in with the basic eb and flow of what seems to be

what we know as diabetes.

In a few minuets, I will call Dr L’s office and make an appointment.

I WILL figure this out!

Love you.


Happy and Safe

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Be happy and safe,

but most of all, have fun.


Winter is hanging on by a thread today.

Gloom has settled  over the cottage


Libby is  looking at me as if to say: Change it Mom!

Larry is in Austin for meetings all day


I suspect he and his associates will be

attending SXSW for lunch.

{it does sound like fun, doesn’t it?}

He will be home by dinner time.

I am home alone all day.

What shall I do?

Love you.