In Our Own Way

On the evening of the Oscar awards,

Larry and I celebrated in our own way.

Photo: Oscar evening cheese plate

It was nice.

We chatted, watched the awards show…and enjoyed dinner.

It was a special break in these crazy winter days.


This past month, I have been struggling with the side effects of my new medicines.

Larry has been wonderful.

He is supportive, positive, cheerful and keeps my mind busy.

What would I do without him?


I just finished 5 years  of breast cancer treatments

and now,

now I am so angry that I have to deal with diabetes.

So mad.

Medicine every day, finger picks daily too.

Not to mention  worrying about  food intake and foot problems.

Larry is my hero. I love him more every day.

Larry, when you read this today,

know that I appreciate you with all of my heart

and that I apologise for being angry right now.

I will get over it soon. Promise.

Love you beyond the moon.


Off To The Gym

I am sad that Valentines Day is over.

Since Larry and I celebrate for a week,

It is just now hitting me that

it is over.


Last night, Chef Valentine was in the kitchen.

Dinner was amazing.

Stuffed acorn squash and grapes.

It was delicious.

Confession: I ate a little piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

It was a SLIVER.

After such a good meal, how could a little cake hurt?

This morning, when pricked my finger, used the diabetic monitor,

my numbers were back in the danger zone!


I have to say bye now…..I am off to the gym.

Gotta work off that cake.

I have come to the conclusion, that growing old sucks.

Love you.






This Brand New Week

On Friday,

we picked Matilda up and took her on an adventure.

We saw the movie, Paddington Bear and then played the

afternoon away at  Dave and Busters

Photo: Matilda at Dave & Busters

She spent the night at The Cottage.

The next day, Saturday,  she helped Larry feed the birds.

Photo: Matilda in the garden

Photo: Matilda reading a book sent to us from my friend, the author, Ingmar Gregorzewski

The book is in German. Now we must translate it!

Photo: Matilda working on the dollhouse

Matilda was a  perfect guest and our time went to fast.

Sunday, My Larry scrubbed the kitchen floor.

How wonderful is that?

Photo: Old Cottage floor, sparkling clean!

Today is rainy. I will work on the auction quilt…..and make soup.

Photo: Bounty for today’s Crock Pot soup

Last week, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I take medicine and test my hemoglobin numbers every .

I have been walking 3 miles 5 times a week….and  eating better.

Larry threw the M&M’s that were in the candy jar…..into the trash

and he is behind me 100%.

It had been a long eventful week.

I am looking forward to quiet time piecing the special auction quilt,

and exercising at the  indoor track.

May your day be one filled with quiet, reflecting  moments too.

{and exercise!}

Ok, now  I must go dice up that acorn squash!

Love you.