Happy July!

Happy July!

Flags, fireworks, picnics!

I love this holiday. It makes my heart fill with pride.


Yesterday, Sunday, started with church and a pot luck lunch.

At church, they even planned a patriotic  sing along.

The fellowship and food was wonderful,

and the songs were perfect.

After church, Larry and I did  a lot of  chores, then came home to a light dinner.

He made one of his great cheese plates.

Dinner and movie.

Movie was  Mamma Mia. Yes, yes, I know that I just saw the play….

But I just needed to hear some ABBA yesterday.

And eat cheese. Lots of my favorite cheese.


The post office was empty this morning.

I mailed a box to a beloved cousin in Pittsburgh.

Have you ever used the US Mail kiosk to mail a box?

Well, is it super easy, till you  put it in the big drawer thing.

My  box  got stuck.

I mean so stuck, the drawer would not open at all

because the box was stuck sideways…..

then a mystery voice behind the wall said: hold on, hold on a minute.

I heard some noise, worried that the box would be torn up…

but the mystery voice assured me that it was OK, and going off to be mailed.

I sighed a sigh of relief.

Have a happy Day!

Love you.


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