Day three of course started with breakfast, yoga and pen-pal time.

Matilda wrote TWO letters on day three!

Our  Wednesday activity was….the DALLAS ZOO!!!

Photo: Matilda high fived this Mandrill.

At the zoo, we watched the animals and they pretended not to watch us.

Photo: Matilda and Pa, on the monorail.

Photo: We met an African porcupine.

Photo: Matilda loved posing with the sculptures.

Photos: The Hippos were tired and lazy.


Photo: Lacy, the giraffe.

Matilda fed Lacy her lunch! Lacy LOVED Matilda.

And Matilda loved Lacy.

Photo: The storks were happy on the hot day.

Matilda rode the carousel.

Photo: She rode on the hummingbird.

THEN…drum roll please!

Our sweet,  wonderful friends own a restaurant in Dallas….Pepe’s & Mito’s

{they have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!}

and we went there for lunch after the zoo….

We had an early birthday Lunch for a certain almost 7 year old

and everyone sang  Happy Birthday to Matilda.

Yes! The candle is in the lime. That impressed Matilda so much.

It makes me smile.

The day went by much to fast.

Here are tired campers smiling  {I promise they were} as we went to the car.


Please have a happy, wonderful day.

Love you.