We Visited For A Second

Many people will walk in and out of your life

but only a true friend will leave

their footprint on your heart.

~Eleanor Roosevelt~

My Life has been wonderful. I am married to my best friend. Lauren and Jamison are the joys of my life and my granddaughter Matilda inspires me every day to be positive and creative. There is one more aspect in my life that is important. Friendship.

I know many friends come and go. Some are fakes and ego driven but, then, there are the certain few that come into our lives. they make a difference just by saying hello.

They are the earnest, sincere friends, who touch your life in an unexpected way. They support you and recognize the bumps in your life and each visit is a treasure.

Last Friday, while Larry kept working, we drove to Austin, TX. A friend of mine was visiting from California. Larry and I met Rosemary, her husband David and daughter Whitney for lunch at the sweetest cafe in Austin. The Launderette. We visited for a second. Wait! It was three hours. Time flew by. Larry and I were honored that they took the time to visit with us on their busy Mothers Day weekend!

Photo: from left: Whitney, David, Rosemary, Larry and me

Please note, the flowers on the table. Whitney handed them to me after a hug and wished me Happy Mothers day. They are so beautiful. I held them all the way home. {From Austin to Plano}

Larry and I had the BEST Mothers Day weekend ever.

Thankfulness is a part of each day for me. Rosemary, I am so very thankful for you.

Dear readers, have you thanked a friend recently? Have you just taken a moment to say hi? Rosemary is my example to try to be a better friend…..

Love you.


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