One Project Finished, One In Progress And One Ready To Start

This past weekend was so much fun. On Saturday I qualified to shoot at the archery range! {I will share more later} After shooting for over an hour, Larry and I headed for downtown Dallas, stopping for sandwiches on the way. We went to the Dallas zoo, where we had a wonderful picnic and walked over 3 miles.

Photo: Larry’s favorite fast food sandwich is Jersey Mikes. Perfect for a picnic!

At the zoo, we walked at our regular {exercise}pace, but I must confess, there were times when we stopped to enjoy the “day”…..

Photo: This awesome woman is the caretaker of these particular monkeys. You can see why.

It was a sunny warm day in Dallas, all of the animals at the zoo, were enjoying the weather.

Photo: This is my favorite girl, Lacy. her coloring is perfection and she looks me in the eye each time I visit her. I think she knows me.

On Sunday, we went to church, had lunch with friends and came home for “Oscar” night. We had seen all of the nominated movies and were excited to see who would win. Oh, yes, I cooked dinner too. {Lucky we only had salads for lunch}

Photo: Sunday wine
Photo: I made Dijon beef….a recipe I enjoyed in France

Photo: Dijon beef, veggies cheese and bread
Photo: At the dinner table

It was a lovely evening with My Larry. A lot went on yesterday and I was happy to be home.

This Monday morning, I have laundry started and as I sit here…

I have one Project finished. {below}

Photo: I fell in love with this odd colored Levis jacket. I sketched on it and embroidered Queen Anne’s lace on it. {and beaded it} Finished on Saturday!
Photo: Green Easter sweater

The Easter sweater is in progress. It is 3/4’s of the way finished and I LOVE the color! I have to find fabric to match for an Easter dress.

Today I am starting a project. A new quilt. For Christmas, Lauren gave me a pattern and a shamefully large amount of fabric. The fabric is in the washer, the pattern is ready!

Photo: New quilt pattern. A PUG quilt pattern. {as seen on my board}

I enlarged the pug pattern and hope to make ten or twelve blocks. I will share more as I get started…..just think. A pug quilt. That makes me smile.

If you were going to make or receive a quilt, what would it look like?

Love you beyond the pugs.