The Spirit

I met a woman a few weeks ago and all she talked about

was her “Spirit Animal”….what is that exactly?

She tried to explain.





I asked: Do you pick it or does it pick you?

She said: Both.

I was confused.

I googled  Spirit Animal.

The things that came up, books, quizzes, etc had a price attached.

Is this a scam?

One morning, I asked Larry what he knew about spirit animials


did he have one?

He said: yes, and you have one too.

He told me that I have had  what is NOW known as a spirit animal,

for many, many years.

Link to Robin’s Spirit Animal.

The wonderful part is that Larry and I have the same animal.

Photo: The tattoo of my spirit animal. Day after I got it. June, 2009

After my connection with the Great Honu for many years,

Larry and I got matching tribal Honu Tattoos, before we

even knew what a spirit animal was.

Do you have a spirit animal?

What is it?

How did it come to be?

What have you done to honor it?

How does it help you?

Thank you for sharing my moments….

Love you.