Yesterday, Larry and I were invited to Trick OR Treat at Southwest Airlines Corp offices in Dallas. It was the most wonderful experience for us.

Jamison and was part of a group costume. The Adams Family. It was amazing and the won first prize in their department.

Of course I dressed as Paddington Bear. Larry was himself. Halloween was a quiet day after returning from Southwest Airlines. We ate roasted chicken, salad, and watched TV. Maybe next year I will host a party! {it sounds like fun}

Today is filled with chores and then we have reservations for dinner in Dallas. Larry and I observe sober October every year. Tonight I can have a glass of wine. Happy November. Yay.

Photo: Jamison as Morticia Adams with her team at Southwest Airlines

I am not sure how I feel about November. I will tell you next week.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


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