Last week, Larry told me that he had a wine that needed to be enjoyed and he suggested a Sunday dinner menu.

Photo: 1998 wine was happily consumed

He told me what food he had in mind and it turned out wonderfully.

Photo: Larry’s dinner
Photo: Sunday, dinner and a movie

We watched a movie before dinner, then we watched the Cowboys Football game.

Our movie was……. The 1949 version of The Secret Garden with Margaret O’Brien. It was charming. I had never seen it before and I loved this version. This version is about the acting, not the film tricks. I loved it

The Cowboys won their game and for dessert we had a little cheesecake I made. It is Nutella with an Oreo crust and toasted almond topping. (because I could not find hazelnuts)

Photo: The Cheesecake

It was a beautiful warm day in Dallas. The AC kicked on and we enjoyed being together.

I am caught up on all of my projects, (I made a dress and coat!) and today I will be making a vintage-like corsage for the coat I just made. The photo shoot is coming up and I wanted a little something wonky for my vintage coat.

Photo: Materials for corsage

Before my daughters were born, I worked in a flower shop for many years. Corsages are second nature to a floral designer but I have not made one in many years….but this wonky one looks like fun.

Don’t you love the word WONKY?

Love you beeyond the moon and stars.


2 thoughts on “Wonky

  1. Lynn Schmitt says:

    Hi Robin, been following blog but want to say hello and hope your appointment went well.
    We are just hanging in like everyone else. That dinner the other night looked scrumptious and perhaps one day we can all raise a glass together.

  2. Judy says:

    Wonky is a fun word, dinner looks delicious. Can’t wait to see holiday pictures with your coat and corsage.

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