What Matters!

Photo: The Pot~London 2019

I have the insane habit of looking up. All the time! Do you think that it is because I am 5′ 9 1/2″ tall?

Because I look up so much, I bump into things, trip very often and though embarrassed, I do not fall often.

A good friend once told me that looking up is such a positive thing. To be honest, I had never considered that before.

The photo above is proof that I look up to much and after I took the shot, I thought, I need to take more photos at eye level. This is the next shot I took………

Photo: Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter allows you to take his photo for the right price.

Life imitates ART OR ART imitates life? Look up or view from eye level?

No matter how you look at things, all that matters is that you are happy.

Image result for be happy quotes

I wish you {you know who you are} the happiest day that you can imagine.

Love you.


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