Weekend Reflections

The weekend was filled with migraines and side effects of the head aches. I was not 100% but not sick enough to go to bed.

Yesterday, Sunday we skipped church to watch the Women’s World Cup Soccer match. It was wonderful. The soccer, not skipping church.

After world cup, we had to do a few chores and ended up buying plants for the patio. I am ashamed to tell you that since Libby’s death, we have neglected the patio very badly. She would sit out there and watch the world go by. { I would love to sit with her out there} Yesterday, I picked out plants and Larry planted them. It was super hot and utterly miserable and it felt so good!

Photo: Patio
Photo: Container arrangement. Coleus , Inpatients and creeping Jenny

After planting the containers, we had Sunday dinner and a movie. Larry grilled out rib eye steaks and I made scalloped potatoes and asparagus. For dessert we made sundaes out of left over brownies and ice cream.

Photo: Steak, potato and asparagus
Photo: Sundae desserts

In honor of Doris Day, we watched another one of her movies…..

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

The Man Who Knew Too Much is Larry’s favorite…I think Rear Window is mine. Do you have a favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

It is now Monday morning. We walked our miles at the lake early. 6:30 am. Larry is sequestered in his office working on a restaurant contract and I am doing laundry while I write. After I post this, I will get out my sewing machine and start making a linen dress. Sounds ambitious doesn’t it? Well, its really not. I want to go back to bed and read. I am reading the sweetest book that was given to me on my birthday…

Oh well. Happy happy Monday!

Love you beyond the mooon.


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