Yesterday was vanilla. A day like plain vanilla. I did the laundry, tried to walk at the lake but the wind became to fierce and cold that it was impossible. I went with Larry into Dallas while he had a quick drop-off for a client. We went out to dinner and came home where I had another nose bleed.

Ten years ago, I was having a bleed almost every day. I found a great DR. who burned the boo-boo ….for six months he tried that. {i forget what that is called} One appointment, he said: one more nose bleed and I operate. I had one and he operated. That was in July 2009. I have not had a bleed till we arrived in France this year. {I blew it off as dry air in the plane} Then I had one this past Sunday {a big one} and one yesterday, { a little one} . I am so sad that after ten years…

Photo: Tuesday painting

I usually paint with oils. But….today I am trying something new, and using acrylics. Larry bought me a new set and merde, I am ready for something new. I only use acrylics when I paint with my g-daughter. It is exciting trying something new.

So, as I forge ahead, trying new and exciting mediums….the day is sunny and bright. Perfect for painting.

What are you trying new? A recipe? A new exercise? No matter what it is, stay happy.

Love you.


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