Unsocial Media

I honestly cannot decide if it is a matter of

age or manners.

What is UP with people who nag-nag-nag you for friendship

on Social Media?

{yes, you know who they are and they are not part of your life}

Ok, so after deleting their request 4 times and  then ignoring  it ,

you accept their invitation for friendship.


They do not say hi! How are you? Kiss my foot?


There are a few people who I consciously moved away from in my life.

Why on earth would I allow them

to see all of my postings and personal messages?

One person who I have known from High School,

is all over Larry and myself because she wants to travel to Europe with us.

{this woman is quite inappropriate with my married husband}

Nope darlin’, that is not happening.

What about the family member who treated you like shit {excuse my French}

because my family was angry at me?


Social media has made things very easy

for wonderful people to re-connect.

It has also made it easy for the leaches in the family

and flirty old friends to worm their into your life

so they can once again take advantage.

I am sorry. I am not that old Robin any more.

{Therapy was awesome}

You want to have more family to worship you?


You want a good looking man to flirt with and touch

because you are alone?


I am guessing that you will have to find someone else

who you have not talked to in 15 years.

Good luck with that.

Sign me, Unsocial .

Love you.


2 thoughts on “Unsocial Media

  1. Bobbie & Bill

    Your post is much of the reason I dropped FB completely. My father’s wife (I don’t consider her a step-mother) peppered FB with some forwarded & very political news articles. Most I am sure she never read and if she did, she didn’t understand because she isn’t that bright. I also got tired of other family members over-sharing everything — to me it is FB addiction.

    1. robin Post author

      Bobbie, you are so right. Some people just post things on FB to post them. I miss seeing your posts, but I know where to find you! Love to you and Bill. XOX


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