Treasured Moments

Did you have a lovely holiday weekend?

Linus is my new gnome.

“Lucky Linus” is a true garden gnome.

He measures in at 4″ in height and weighs 2 ounces.

That means, he can travel with me!

He arrived with a thick gauge wire stuck up his …well…you know, his butt.

Larry amputated the wire and now Linus is ready for fun.


Fun as in Easter brunch at the Millers Maison? {OUI!}

Jamison and Matilda

Lauren and Josh had goodies spilling all over the brunch table.

A lavender plant was the centerpiece at lunch.

Matilda and Ayah!

Such adorable girls.

Well, adorable girls love to make crazy faces too!

Beautiful Easter moments.

I find myself treasuring moments such as these.

My daughters and granddaughter smiling, laughing and sharing stories.

Larry holding my hand as we enjoy the day.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend


lots of Cascarone Confetti Eggs!

Beautiful Jamison got smashed in the head

with a cascarone egg by Matilda!

Love you and treasure you.


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