To Thank

I hesitated to share this story but it made me think.

Perhaps it will make you think too.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered  for a service group.

The committee chair was all over me.

Lots of email, sharing her thoughts  till the next meeting.

She was sweet and welcoming.

The committee planned their meeting and It happened

on the exact night Larry and I had a special dinner to go to.

{Larry is very busy these days and I will travel with him!}

The day after the dinner I wrote to the committee chair

and told her I would not be able to participate  with the group

as I will be out of pocket for many of the meetings/events.

Here is the part that has made me think….

Since I wrote that email,  about 3 weeks ago,

I have not heard one word from her.

Not a thanks anyway, kiss my butt, not a word.

I even saw her in person last Sunday. She ignored me.

{ I WAS going to offer my help for next year}

Larry and I have done a lot of volunteering in our life.

{being on the board of directors for Cystic Fibrosis was my favorite!!}

And to be honest, no matter hard core the group or Chairman was,

we were always thanked for what we did or could not do.

My consensuses is,

I am so glad that I found out now, what kind of group it was….


this little experience has reminded me

not to take anything or anyone for granted.

Thank you for reading blog.

Thank you for being a husband, friend, daughter, nice person.

Thank you.

Love you.


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