Time To Turn Out The Light and Cuddle

Photo: my favorite lamp at the Kaua’i cottage

I am awake in the middle of the night. Jet lag is such a problem. I will explain later. BUT I have been trying to fix my email problem. Larry I will print up your reports soon I promise. To the ladies at the Presbyterian Woman’s Circle, forgive my inability to communicate right now….I will text you all.

I am sitting in bed typing, It is 1 AM. The movie on TV is Tully. I have woken Larry now, and he is touching my back.

Yesterday we started celebrating my birthday. I LOVE birthdays. It is a special time and I must thank Larry for being the best person I know. How amazing is it that I get to spend my life with him?

Thank you for listening. Time to turn out the light and cuddle.

Love you.


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