Thou Art To Me

Last week, while Larry had meetings in Ft Worth

I tagged along.

The MONET exhibit was at the Kimball Museum of Fine ART


that is where I spent my time.

Walking through the exhibit a number of times

and each time, discovering things I had not seen before.

Last night,{a week later} My Larry and I went to dinner.

We had salads and looked at the book I bought at the exhibit.

We discussed the paintings and M. Monet.

We talked about Larry’s work, Matilda and a recent Dr visit I had.

What is it about these little moments?

Deliberate moments filled with meaning.

They have the ability to be the memories that last forever.


There are 11 days till Valentine’s Day.

Today’s Love Quote:

Thou art to me a delicious torment.

~ralph waldo emerson~

I wish you sunshine and love today,

happy moments and many smiles….

Love you.


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