This, Our Wonderful Country

I woke up this morning to Good Morning America on  the TV.

There was a lot of rude discussion and innuendo.

You might notice that I do not usually share my political views online.

{why would I? Would you change your mind to agree with me?  I think not}

After listening  to George Stephanopoulos for 15 min. I sighed.

It must have been a loud sigh

Because Larry said:

Well, that is  12 minutes we will never get back.

All of this political fighting has been going on for decades.

I have been watching a documentary series called The Roosevelt’s on Netflix.

It is well done and enlightening.  Two thumbs up.


There are hungry people in our communities.

People who need donor organs or blood.

There are so many things to put our energy toward.

This, is our wonderful country and there is no other place like it.

Lets  just remember what is important

God Bless America

Love you.






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