The Unexpected Change In My Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day,

despite the tragedy around us.

I worked all day on various projects

keeping my mind and body occupied.

{will show you a new fun project once it is finished}

It took me forever to get the laundry done.

I missed Libby Pug Dog a lot.

Maybe, I was just in a grumpy mood?

Then while I was folding laundry….the doorbell rang.

DARN IT. Interruption!

But it was something good.


Oh My Gosh!

A huge,beautiful arrangement from Karen & John.

{we had dinner with Karen and John on Saturday. They were visiting from Atlanta}

The arrangement made my day.

This thoughtful gift changed my attitude immediately.

I have texted Karen and told her that,

but sometimes, people just say that.


someone did something kind and it

changed my day.

Dear Karen & John.

Your friendship means so much to us


One day I hope to be as kind and thoughtful as you both are.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Love you.


PS: Last night, I took the flowers back to the bedroom with me.

They look beautiful on the table next to the big bed.

Larry laughed at me.






2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Change In My Day

  1. Rita says:


    Love ❤️ from Cliff and Rita.

    1. robin says:

      Thank you Rita!

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