The Moments Were Special

The past weekend was  rainy and foggy


the moments were special.

On Saturday, Larry and I went to Gunter {TX}

to pick up Girl Scout cookies.

We don’t eat them, but give them to neighbors and friends.

Sunday, dinner and movie was  fun.

I opened Boursin Cheese and nibbled while I cooked.

{I TRACKED each bite!}

Larry opened a bottle of wine,

I baked potatoes, boiled corn on the cob


broiled small filets.

We did not watch a movie,

because the football playoffs were on.

Today, the fog is burning off

and I have a project to start.

The fabric is faux suede.

I will modify the pattern, as the fabric is very busy.

{have a date for Valentine’s Day}


Love is a canvas furnished by nature


embroidered by imagination.


Love you.


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