The Important Things

I am late posting on the blog today. Who really cares? One day is running into another at a speed that I cannot comprehend. It makes me sad. We need to make a memory every day. Isn’t that a law of nature? {smile, please}

My yesterday held a special treat. Jami came to The Cottage! She brought her dogs and we practiced social distancing. It felt like a breath of fresh air…and the dogs! I loved the sweet energy that the dogs brought to the visit.

It was beautiful outside and we visited about so many things. Life as we know it is much different since we sat down to visit last. Then….the visit got crazy. Jami got the pug mask from my work room… know the rest. It was a Tolbert moment.

We had not laughed that silly kind of laugh in ages. Even the photo makes me laugh!

Jami brought me one of the new Simplicity mugs and the umbrella to match….. I am using the mug now. Thank you Jami. I loved our visit and my goodies.

I am very late this morning. BECAUSE….my favorite Girl, Matilda invited me to Zoom chat with her. It was awesome.

I learned to ZOOM! {so, who wants to chat with me???} And I taught Matilda how to make paper dolls. We each learned something new. It was a very good morning.

In the photo above, Matilda is holding up her paper dolls. Matilda is so amazing! Granted, making paper dolls is a lost ART, like balancing a check book, setting the dinner table correctly or writing a thank you note. But…what are Grand Mothers for? Grand Mothers unite! Now is the time to teach our quarantined Grandchildren the important things in life.

Make this day lovely……

Love you BEYOND the moon.


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