The Eyes

I have been having trouble with my eyes.

Painting and hand work has been at a minimum.

It seems I have the start of a small cataract problem.

But today, I will be getting new lenses

for my glasses and sun glasses.

Yay! Yay and Yay.

Perhaps things will be in perspective again.

Pun intended.

My eyes are something that I take for granted,

until they start acting up.


Do you know that I can knit, in the dark or with my eyes closed?

That is why I have been knitting a lot lately.

{it has not bothered my eyes to knit.}

But….I think that today…..I will paint. Watercolor.

And you?  Is there something you have been putting off

that you might like to try again?

I would LOVE to hear about it.


This morning, I have so much to say,




about bad manners .

But I am trying to behave.

I promised myself that I would behave.

Life  is like that eye chart….

We need to keep everything in perspective,

read the letters correctly

and move on.

Love you beyond the moon.


PS: I am still behaving.

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