The Cheese Board

Yesterday, I was working on a Christmas project. It is an easy project, but time consuming. While working I was watching a Hallmark movie, trying in earnest to get into the Christmas spirit…and Larry came to the workroom. He told me that dinner was ready!

Larry does not cook, but he had dinner ready. I was touched and hungry. He had made a cheese board and had a bottle of Champagne chilling. It was amazing and thoughtful. I love him so much. (Thank you Larry)

Photo:Sunday Cheese Board

At the garden shop yesterday, (Before the amazing dinner) Larry had to buy fresh mulch for the zen garden. While there, I saw a sweet little Airplane Plant/Spider plant. I bought it….and created, drum roll please……SPIDER MAN.

Photo: new plant in dining room

It was a beautiful weekend. The days have a way of sometimes speeding past or dragging along. I do not know which I like better. Happy Monday…the roller coaster continues.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


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