The Cake Tastes Dreamy

Yesterday was wonderful. I had the chance to visit with a very dear friend while we had lunch. Our lunch was a picnic, at the lake. We had turkey sandwiches, crisps and Larry brought her Mallowmar cookies.

My friend, Nesli is from Istanbul. She has the best spirit…one of positive actions and open heart.

I promise that I am not saying that because she baked my favorite cake yesterday and brought some of it for Larry and myself.

Photo: Nesli’s cake

After surgery last year, Nesli brought me this same cake. I LOVE this cake. It is beautiful, and tastes dreamy. I know noting about the recipe…except that my friend shares the end result with us . Larry and I both love it.

Dear Nesli, thank you for my favorite cake. Larry and I are both enjoying it tremendously. Next time lets not wait so long to visit. I have missed you very much.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


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