The Beer Opener

I got my flu shot and my latest covid booster on Tuesday. The left arm is still hurting but it is ok. I will survive.

Photo: Covid booster and flu shot

When you are over 65, you can get a “super” flu shot. This is my second year for the super duper shot. It was not to bad.

This week has gone very fast and I have gotten so much done. The greeting cards are almost complete, I am cutting out a new dress, I got my shots, exercised and practiced yoga, not to mention cooking and reading.

For dinner last night I took brats out of the freezer and served them with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Photo: Brats and beer

During dinner, Larry and I played PENTE….I won. Better luck next time, Larry. Hehe.

Photo: Pente

We had beer with dinner. I honestly don’t remember when I had a beer last. My Stella was so good.

Photo: The beer
Photo: The treasured opener

The beer opener is something that I have always taken for granted, unless I can not find it, then it is my favorite object. It was bought around 1997 while in Paris with Larry and the girls. I don’t think that they sell them anymore. (I know because I wanted to get two for our son in laws) But I will look for them again this year as I always do.

I simply love the little things around the house that make it a “home” even when I take the item for granted. They are priceless.

It Is FRIDAY! I have music playing. (I’ve Got A Crush On You) Listening to my picnic playlist. Larry is back in his office working and at lunch we will take a break to get angel food smoothies at Smoothie King.

Happy Friday. Happy weekend.

Love you beyond the moon.


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