Thankful Cards

Photo: By Robin. Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh. August 2018

It is beautiful this morning.

I skipped walking


I am dressed for the day whatever it may bring.

Today, I am  addressing Thankful Cards.

Many of you already know…

that we do not send Holiday Cards in December…

 we send Thankful Cards in November.

This year, Larry created the card…it was his year.

You may not hear from us often,

but please know how much you mean to Larry and me.

What do you do to thank the wonderful people in your life?

I am not quite sure I do enough in the thankful department….


Quote: Did you know that Pissaro is Larry’s favorite ARTist? {besides me}

Please, have a happy Thankful day.

It is such a tearful day today…..

perhaps it is addressing these awesome cards? 

Life is such a gift.

Love you.



  • Heber Eason

    Robin it is so nice to see you on Facebook. We know how talented you are and seeing the results of your talent from time to time brings us a lot of pleasure.
    Did you see the picture of your family that Cindy posted? It made our hearts happy thinking of all the good memories we have made with your family Heber &Edna

    • HI Mr and Mrs Eason! Thank you for such lovely comments. It is good to see you online too. I hope that you all are doing well. Lets catch up soon? XOX Robin

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