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Raffle Quilt- Dream A Dream-Spring 2020 {twin size quilt}

* NEW RAFFLE Drawing DATE! September 13th, 2020. Sunday after the 5K.

Susan G Komen link below!

If you would like to support early breast cancer detection, please go to the link above. Click on DONATE- then click on participant, click on team and type in Team Believe. For every $25.00 donation, you will receive a raffle ticket for The North Texas MORE THAN PINK Komen Quilt~ Dream A Dream.
For each $25.00- 1 raffle ticket
for $100.00- 4 raffle tickets and 10 bonus raffle tickets
for $200.00- 8 raffle tickets and 20 bonus raffle tickets
for $300.00- 12 raffle tickets and 30 bonus.
After donating, please message me, or email me at
I will mail you your raffle tickets in the soonest US Postal mail.
Thank you in advance!!!!!

Photo: Dream A Dream- raffle quilt 2020


Photo: Robin and LarryTolbert- Komen Race 2019

Hi. I am Robin Tolbert. This past October 2019, I was diagonsed with breast cancer for the second time. It is a different cancer, in a different breast. I had genetic testing and everything came back normal. My oncologist was sad and called it a fluke. My radiologist just shook his head and my surgeon was sweet, she just did her job and embraced me with her care.

Everyone agreed on one thing. Early detection has saved my life once again. EARLY DETECTION. AGAIN!

This year for the Komen Race/ MORE THAN PINK event…team believe is not just my family. We are a grown up TEAM and we will do what we can to raise funds so that Komen can provide EARLY DETECTION for anyone who might need it.

To be join Team Believe: Go to the link below:

Scroll down to join existing team.

Click on Find Your Team

Find TEAM BELIEVE and register! Larry and I would love you to be part of the event.

TO DONATE ONLY: Go to link below:

If you want to donate to TEAM BELIEVE or someone on the team, this is where you will find them!

Team believe needs your help this year more than ever before. So many people have supported me in this endeavor for many years. I appreciate it more than words can say.

If you cannot join TEAM BELIEVE and find that donating is not in the budget this year, I ask for your good wishes, your prayers and love. Not everyone is lucky enough to have caught breast cancer from early detection TWICE. We need to think of the people who have not been as lucky.

Thank you for taking the time to consider being part of TEAM BELIEVE…

Love you beyond the pink ribbon.


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