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Today is a beautiful day.

May you find joy in the simple moments this weekend


smile as if you have a secret.

Love you.


Lavender and Tickseed

The build up for Easter was intense this year


then, it was over so quickly.

I feel a little sad about that.

The good thing is, that if I want it to…..

Easter can live in my heart all year long.


My Larry works very hard.

When he works from the house,

{no outside meetings}

He will work straight from 7 am to 7 pm.

The good news is that he is drinking more water.

The bad news is,

I have to nag him  {like an old fish-wife}

to step away from his desk for a break.

Yesterday, he took me to the local gardens at his lunch hour.

His idea! YEY!

We came home and he planted what we bought.

It was wonderful.

When I came home from the hospital last month,

Larry used the fine ART of Zen Rock Balancing

stacking a few treasured rocks next to the gazebo.

It is a sweet calm place now…and it was a priceless gift for me.

Yesterday he planted

Coreopsis grandiflora {Tickseed} Isn’t that a yucky name?


Lavender plants, near the Zen rocks.

On his lunch hour!

I sat in the gazebo and watched.

As he planed the last plant…it started raining.

It was time for him to get back to work anyway,

but what a lovely lunch with my Larry.

The good thing is,

it will live in my heart forever.

Love you beyond the Tickweed plants.