Dear Kristin Chenoweth

This past weekend, was special.

On Saturday, Larry and I participated in the

Quarter/Half  Marathon at the Dallas Arboretum.

We finished and received medals.


On Saturday evening, we went to the Meyerson Symphony Center Gala.

Larry prepared a picnic as we people watched.

Photo: Champagne picnic at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Dallas, Texas

We had tickets for the Gala/ Funraiser

with Kristin Chenoweth.

Photo: By Robin~Kristin Chenoweth in concert. Dallas, Texas

Larry and I sat in the second row….holding hands.

Kristin complimented us on being in love like her parents are.

Little did she know how much being there on Saturday meant to us

or that she sang “our song”

or that our 7 year old Granddaughter Matilda

had told me before the concert that she was jealous because

we were getting to see Glinda in person.

{Kristin was the original Glinda in the Broadway play WICKED…..

one of my favorite of all time plays. {along with Camelot}}

Below: Personal Message

Dear Kristin,

Oh, how we enjoyed your performance on Saturday night with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us…and noticing how you touched us in the audience.

Our granddaughter was about 4 years old and learned the word LOATHING because her favorite song in WICKED is, What Is This Feeling?…now she pantomimes the song to perfection.

Larry and I thank you for the kind words,

we wish you only amazing moments,


thank you for sharing the joy of ART with

young ARTists in the area.

You are wonderful.

Merci Kristin d’avoir apporte tant de joie.

Love you.


London Town

I remember Mother always called London,

London Town.

I wonder why?

In London, our flat was a few blocks from Paddington Station.

I LOVE Paddington Station.

Such energy and  colors.

AND, they have the REAL Paddington Bear Shop there.

We went into the store…to buy Matilda a Paddington Bear.

{do you know that the original Paddington Bear is there in a case?

He is absolutely amazing}

In the photo above, the bear on the right

is the bear we bought for Matilda.

I love him so much and If Matilda does not like him…

he can come live here at the  cottage.

Do you know how people put items next to money

so we can judge the scale or size of the item….

We put Matilda’s Paddington next to a wine bottle.

He is a big guy..

{Tomorrow is the last Camp Robi day for 2017.

Paddington will go live with Matilda tomorrow.}

After a short rest,

Larry and I made our way  across town

to the Prince Of Wales Pub,

where we drank pints and watched people.

It was so much fun….and then

we walked  a few blocks to the theater

to see one of my favorite plays.


The people seated around us at the play were so kind,

Not WICKED at all..

It was midnight when we got home.

We snuggled in bed and talked about our day.

Love you beyond the moon.