The Weekend In Review

Happy Monday!

Life has been happy and fun around here.

Family, friends and smiles.

Camp Robi Updates:

On Friday,  Matilda helped  Pa {Larry} paint and set his “Bat House”….

Please, no ROBIN jokes.

The Bat house was a Fathers Day Gift from, Lars, Josh and Matilda.

On  Friday Camp,

Matilda also experienced picking out a  dress pattern


fabric at the  Fabric store.

She found her pattern in the huge, heavy Simplicity drawer,

discovered the fabric  she wanted the dress made out off

and asked the kind lady for the yardage she needed.

This week, we will cut the dress out.

{I just want her to be exposed to this process}

Of course we have patches at Camp Robi.

and at the fabric store, she was allowed to pick out a patch that she wanted.

Of course she picked out the poop patch.


On Saturday, Larry and I went to Ft Worth. I will share  about that later…..


on Sunday, dinner and a movie was great!

I made a  Lamb and Wine Stew.

We had mashed potatoes Lamb and Wine stew

Baguette with Borsin Cheese, Wine  and for dessert, Larry wanted to celebrate. Sooo…..

Our movie was The Zookeepers Wife.

It was dark and sad, but I am so glad we saw it.

It is a true story…..and now the Zoo in Warsaw is on my bucket list.

I want to be in the place where love and kindness overcame fear and submissiveness.


Monday chores are started.

The sun is streaming in the window


it is a lovely morning.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Love you.


A Perfect Weekend

The weekend was perfection.

Matilda spent the night on Friday night.


She played in the guest room at the doll house for hours

and we had a fun time.{it was her first sleep over}

Saturday, found us all {Lars, Josh, Matilda, Jami, Larry and myself}

at the Main Event in Plano,

celebrating my Larry’s birthday.

{we bowled and then Matilda played the games}

On Sunday we went with Matilda to see Santa.


I LOVE how she is looking at Santa!

When we came home….Larry and I took a walk.

I hope that this does not offend anyone,

we call this  walk: The White Trash Walk.

It is a few mile hike to our local Neighborhood Wall Mart.

I buy things and carry the bags home,

looking like a homeless person.

Larry says that we look like white trash.

Yesterday we carried home a bird feeder, bird food

and we had visitors already this morning!


While Larry has been off, at meetings and lunching with clients today,

I finished Jamison’s Christmas gift


will start knitting another hat for Matilda.

She said: I would like a FOX hat for Christmas.

I said: Maybe you should ask Santa.

She said: He does NOT know how to make it, only Robi can make it.

That conversation still makes me smile.

Today is make a knitted FOX hat for ma cherie.

How excellent can any request be?

I Love Christmas.

Love you beyond ribbons and wrapping paper.