New Traditions and Love

Larry is very busy these days.

He embarrassingly admitted

that he does  not read the blog much anymore.

 I can share a secret with you then.

In a few weeks, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary.

When we were married, our cake was tiny,

the  bell cake topper cost about $2.50


we do not remember it at all.

This year, I have ordered a cake from our favorite bakery and a topper.

We will celebrate alone, no party…just us.

It is never to late to create new traditions, is it?

Photo: Willow Tree Cake Topper

Larry is my best friend and love.

I love him beyond the moon.



Larry and I have been married, 40 years today.

I love My Larry. I love my life.

But, this has been the worst year of my life.

I thank  God every day, that Larry is my partner.

We can handle anything together.

Good or bad,

Larry has a way of helping me accept life

as we journey through.

Last Sunday, we were lucky enough

to visit the church where we were marred 40 years ago.

Richmond, VA~1977

It feels like yesterday.

Where has the time gone?


Photo taken at the Black Bass Hotel…by amber moralis


25th wedding ceremony, Cable Beach, Bahamas.


This is my favorite person in the world….

Happy Anniversary Larry.

Love you more than candy.