What About You?

Larry and I talked about yesterdays blog ….


I thought it would be best if I shared a little bit about myself,

a few things that I believe make me who I am.


Portrait by Granddaughter Matilda

I married the love of my life in 1977.

I am 64 years old, love my age and life.

I was sexually attacked one year and one month after I married Larry.

I am the middle of three daughters.

I have two daughters and one granddaughter.

I am a Christian and each morning, I read a devotional.

I consider myself an ARTist because I sell my paintings.

My Mothers death was a profound time in my life.

My father disinherited me, saying that I did not RSVP a party in time.

My Sisters are not in my life. {See above}

My Larry is my best friend and love.

I most likely will never own another dog.

My celebrity crush is Van Morrison.

My favorite song {one of 4 favorites} is Celtic New Year

Link to Celtic New Year

It makes me happy to be creative.

Rude people make me very angry.

I am a breast cancer survivor.

Please do not assume  we are friends. {I learned a lot from my sisters}

I have the BEST friends in the world and they know who they are.

I love my simple life.

I love my family.

I believe that if you smile, just smile, you can touch someones soul.

I think that I am about finished.

What about you? What makes you, you?

Love you.


Secret Paris Photos-2017

Last week, I found 72 photos in my Paris phone.

This week, I will share them with you.

On November 17th,  2017

I got to scratch something off of my bucket list.

Photo: our tickets to see Van Morrison

I saw Van Morrison.

In Concert.

In Paris.

Photo: second row seats were amazing.

We sat close to the stage….

and Van, well, what can  I say?

Photo: Bad pic, but Van Morrison was perfection.

I was amazed at the talent this man has.

He plays a dozen instruments

and still has that wonderful

raspy voice.

Isn’t it kind of sad to mark something

off of your bucket list?

Love you.