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Secret Paris Photos-2017

Last week, I found 72 photos in my Paris phone.

This week, I will share them with you.

On November 17th,  2017

I got to scratch something off of my bucket list.

Photo: our tickets to see Van Morrison

I saw Van Morrison.

In Concert.

In Paris.

Photo: second row seats were amazing.

We sat close to the stage….

and Van, well, what can  I say?

Photo: Bad pic, but Van Morrison was perfection.

I was amazed at the talent this man has.

He plays a dozen instruments

and still has that wonderful

raspy voice.

Isn’t it kind of sad to mark something

off of your bucket list?

Love you.


Our Father

Good morning Friday the 13th!

I woke this morning with a positive energy.

A good energy that will define my day.


People who know me, know that I love the Lords Prayer.

I wear it on a bracelet every day, whisper it every day

{One day I will share my “Lords Prayer” Story with you….}

and I believe every day.

I am blessed.

Life is wonderful


I love you.