To Love

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I know that so many cynics poo-poo the day and that is ok. We must share and exhibit as we feel best in our lives.

Each Monday this month, we are mailing our granddaughter a valentine card. It has been fun buying the cards and getting them ready for the mailman. {confession: I think that we started mailing them in January this year!}

I really don’t care if anyone likes Valentines Day or not…there cannot be anything wrong with letting someone know that you love them.

To LOVE and be LOVED is the greatest gift of all.

Photo: This weeks “Matilda” card

Today~ tell someone that you love them.

Love you beyond Matilda’s Valentine card.


Rhinestones and Gingham.

Photo: Rhinestones and Gingham

Moments sparkled in the sun. Love makes everything OK. Joy, because he is with me. My friends make fun of us. I don’t care. He wraps his arms around me. Then I am fine. Our love twinkles and is grossly plain at the same time. Like rhinestones and gingham.

Rachmaninoff is one our favorites. Enjoy.

*Today is my 42nd Valentines day with Larry. My Larry. I hate that the days are speeding by at this God-awful rate. Love gathers around us and comforts us. Love. The magic elixir that makes everything OK. Be kind to each other. Be filled with love…Me.

Sunday Dinner and Movie In Photos

Photo: I found a lovely 2010 St Emilion to have with dinner.
The cork broke during decanting.Hello decanter.
Photo: Standing Rib Roast and mashed potato casserole. I made the roast, Larry made the potato casserole.
Photo: Wine and rolls. I picked out the wine. Larry craves Hawaiian rolls.
Photo: Dinner and movie. A Valentine celebration. Larry proposed 42 years ago, on Valentines Day.
Photo: Chocolate roll cake with whipped cream and strawberries. A new recipe. It was amazing.

Photo: Movie An Affair To Remember

Love you.


This Guy~ This Girl

In January, 1977, she moved away.

She packed her belongings


started a new journey, 824 miles away.

By February, he followed her

with a dozen roses and a question.

She never said yes, but replied with a hug.

{he still teases her about that}

This guy

Proposed to this girl

on Valentine’s Day 1977.

It was then her life started.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day, Larry.

when you proposed to me,

it was the happiest day of my life.

Today’s Love Quote:

We love, because it is the only true adventure.

~nikki giovanni~

Happy Valentine’s to all lovers today.

I Love you most of all.


The Moments Were Special

The past weekend was  rainy and foggy


the moments were special.

On Saturday, Larry and I went to Gunter {TX}

to pick up Girl Scout cookies.

We don’t eat them, but give them to neighbors and friends.

Sunday, dinner and movie was  fun.

I opened Boursin Cheese and nibbled while I cooked.

{I TRACKED each bite!}

Larry opened a bottle of wine,

I baked potatoes, boiled corn on the cob


broiled small filets.

We did not watch a movie,

because the football playoffs were on.

Today, the fog is burning off

and I have a project to start.

The fabric is faux suede.

I will modify the pattern, as the fabric is very busy.

{have a date for Valentine’s Day}


Love is a canvas furnished by nature


embroidered by imagination.


Love you.