Jiggety Jig

Do you remember the old children’s poem, To Market, To Market? And it ends with ….home again, home again, jiggety jig? I just cannot get the poem out of my mind today.

I am sitting at my desk, hot chocolate and devotionals at my side. I will enjoy chocolate and do my reading after I say hello here. I have missed the daily blog.

Larry and I are home from spending ten days on the island of Kaua’i. Over the years it has become our home away from home. (and arrangements have been made for our ashes to be scattered there, at a certain location, when the time comes.) Is that to much information? Lets blame the jet lag. Sorry.

We had a lovely trip away. Larry did not let his work interrupt him once. The days were wonderful…balancing the art of resting and keeping busy. The perfect vacation.

Each morning we sat on the lanai and watched the sun rise and in the evenings we would meet on the lanai again to watch the sun set. Between sun events, we went on adventures.

We had the best holiday and we are glad to be home. I have about 80 photos and will share them later…for now, I just wanted to say say hello and that I missed you. Oh maybe one photo? I am always inspired by the beauty of Kaua’i….i hope that you can see it in my photos.

Photo: Kilauea Lighthouse, Kaua’i

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.