Thank You Kim

{the tree above is at the entry of the museum. I LOVED it}

Last month,

I spent a few days in Richmond, VA.

I lived there with my parents in the ’70’s.

Larry and I were married in Richmond.

The history of the city is perfection


The Museum Of Fine Arts is lovely.

I spent two days at the museum.

How could there be anything better?

Lauren’s friend Kim was a perfect hostess.

I have not written her a thank you note yet….

so, why not here?

Dear Kim,

Thank you being so wonderful while I was in Richmond.

Our day at the museum keeps running through my mind

as if it happened yesterday.

The discussions of life and love,

art, politics and the pursuit of happiness,

was wonderful.

{double Dutch in front of Kim’s favorite sculpture, Chloe}

The joy of that day will stay in my heart forever.

What is it about someone giving you

the gift of their time?

It is priceless.

{Kim and I discussed this house while sitting in the museum}

Merci dear Kim.

Much Love, Robin